HK-Dtech is a spinoff company from Hong Kong Baptist University specializing in the field of in-vitro diagnostic and life science.

The company develops and produces high-performance fluorescent nanoparticles with unique characteristics to improve the detection of biomarkers in the service of scientific research and medical diagnosis, offering higher detection sensitivity with user-friendly protocols applicable in various   molecular and cellular biology techniques. The technology is the result of many years of work and collaboration between experts in nanoparticle synthesis, spectroscopy, medical imaging, and IVD techniques from Hong Kong and France. This synergy has made it possible to create state-of-the-art lanthanide-based fluorescent nanoparticles with unparalleled performance. Their unique characteristics allow results that far exceed any existing products, improving the detection of all types of biomarkers in various types of samples and concentration levels, including undetected biomarkers, creating a whole new world of possibilities in the healthcare and life sciences.

Thanks to the research and work of our experts, we can improve current screening and early diagnosis of diseases. This will allow an increase in the success of treatments and the quality of care for patients. Our teams make sure to take into consideration the problems of today and tomorrow in order to find a suitable solution. At HK-Dtech, we all share some values that are our company’s pillars. For our partners to better understand who we are, we like to transmit and share them.


The human is the main resource of this company, it is therefore put forward. It is necessary that everyone is considered, that social relations are good, and this requires in particular transmission of know-how, and collaboration. In addition, our mission is to improve screening and thus improve the lives of sick people.


HK-Dtech is a R&D company, our core business is innovation. R&D, by definition, must come up with new, more efficient products at every moment. It is through the innovation of current fluorescent markers that the company’s products find their place on the market.


HK-Dtech is convinced of the importance, usefulness and validity of its technology to revolutionize diagnostics and promote access to healthcare on a global scale. In addition, we believe that diversity, equality, and inclusion are necessary for a company if it wants to be successful and bring well-being to stakeholders


Our teams are made up of experts in chemistry and biology, recognized in their field. Thanks to the skills of its collaborators, the company continues to evolve by offering innovative and high-performance products.


We offer innovative products but above all high-performance products. The products offered bring many advantages compared to what is already in place on the market. We offer products that will improve and facilitate the daily life of users.