Our Goals

The objectives of company is to push the existing technical limits and produce fluorescent nano-molecules with unique features in order to improve significantly the detection of various biomarkers. Our cutting-edge technology will be in the service of scientific research and medical diagnosis.

Our expertise

What we offer

  • Synthesis of new molecules and nano-molecules for medical applications
  • Design of new structures for diagnostic applications and medical imaging (Fluorescence, PET, MRI,…)
  • Multi-step organic and coordination chemistry
  • Physico-chemical analysis and spectroscopy 
  • Labeling and detection of biomolecules

Our job

  • Conception, development and production of ultra-performant nanoparticles with a wide range of applications
  • Labelling of any type of biological or chemical materials. (Protein, DNA, …)
  • Personalised service provision, adopted to the needs of customers
  • Data analysis obtained with our technology

Our Goals

What we are searching for

  • Accelerating our R&D process through collaborations or programs
  • Enriching the scientific feedback on our technology through independent collaborations or in the context of public programs
  • Finding partners for the fabrication and production of our product