Executive Board

Joan Goetz


Co-founder of HK-Dtech. He is a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Strasbourg and Hong Kong Baptist University. This project stems from his thesis work, which focused on luminescent and biocompatible probes for imaging and cancer inhibition. Joan Goetz holds a master’s degree in chemistry and biology and has had professional experience in the elaboration of ELISA tests, in the creation of an antibody database by Western Blot as well as the conception of pH-sensitive lipids for the targeting of carcinogenic tissues. He will take care of the development of the company and the commercial development in the world

Dr. Chi Fai Chan


Co-founder of HK-DTech. He has a PhD in Chemistry at Hong Kong Baptist University. His research focus is the development of luminescent nanoparticles for theranostic application. He is specialized in synthesis and surface modification of biomaterials, and in vitro tests including bio-imaging and toxicity. He has published 34 research papers (>1000 citation, H-index: 16) and is also one of the co-inventors of a US patent. He wil be responsible for the R&D of the company.

Mr. Laurent Koehler – CBO


Co-founder of HK-DTech. After graduating in France with a Master of Business Law and a Master of International Trade Management, he has settled in Hong Kong in 2006. He has set up various businesses in Asia (Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines) and is also the official economic representative of the French region of Alsace for Hong Kong and China. His focus is on international business development, with a specialization in Asian and African countries. He will be responsible for the business management in Asia.

Scientific Board

Dr. Loïc Charbonnière – CSO

Expert in lanthanide nanoparticles and complexes for analysis

Co-Founder of HK-Dtech – Dr. Loïc Charbonnière is Director of the Synthesis Laboratory for Analysis (SynPA) within the IPHC (UMR 7178, CNRS, University of Strasbourg). His work and his team have a worldwide reputation in the synthesis of lanthanide-based complexes and nanoparticles, in their spectroscopy and morphological characterization as well as in the characterization of supramolecular assemblages. He is the author of 137 publications (> 4,000 citations, H: 39) and 7 patents. He will oversee the R&D of HK-Dtech

Prof Gary Ka-Leung Wong

Expert in medical imaging

Co-founder of HK-DTech. Dr. Ka-Leung Wong is Head of the Department of Chemistry at the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and specialist in lanthanide chemistry for application in medical imaging and inhibition of cancer. Prof Gary Wong has already published more than 100 articles and has more than 3500 citations (H = 37). He is also Associate Editor for the Journal of Luminescence (Elsevier) and a member of ChemPlusChem’s International Advisory Committee (Wiley).