HK-Dtech is a spinoff company from Hong Kong Baptist University specialized in the field of in-vitro diagnostic and cell imaging.

The company develops and manufactures high-performance fluorescent nanoparticles with unique characteristics to improve the detection of various biomarkers in the service of scientific research and medical diagnosis, providing higher detection sensitivity with user-friendly protocols applied in various biology techniques. molecular and cellular. The technology is the result of a collaboration between experts in nanoparticle synthesis, spectroscopy, medical imaging and IVD techniques from Hong Kong and France who together succeeded in creating state-of-the-art nanoparticles with unmatched. Their unique characteristics enable results that far exceed any existing products, enabling the discovery of any type of biomarker in various sample types and concentration levels, including undetected biomarkers, creating a whole new world of possibilities in the healthcare and life sciences.

Through the collaboration of our experts, we want to improve current screening and early detection of diseases. This will allow an increase in the success of treatments and the quality of care for patients. Our teams make sure to take into consideration the problems of today and tomorrow in order to find a suitable solution. Within HK-Dtech, there are values ​​that accompany him throughout his life. The values ​​within a company are its pillars. In order for our partners to better understand who we are, we like to transmit and share them.


We support young experts every day in order to pass on the skills, experience and good practices we have. It is important for us to help, to share and to exchange between different generations and cultures


HK-dtech is an R&D company, by definition our core business touches on innovation, we bring new things to what is currently being done. In addition, the company was born from a patent, innovation is, so to speak, the starting point of the company.


We are committed to producing and developing high quality products. We strive every day to improve the performance of what we sell in order to best meet your expectations. We know that in the eyes of our customers, quality is paramount.


Our teams are made up of experts in chemistry and biology. Our office is mainly made up of people recognized in their field of experience. It is thanks to the expertise of our employees that we are able to meet your most demanding needs.


We offer innovative products but above all high-performance products. Let us note, for example, that our products are 10 to 1000 times brighter than what is on the current market. We offer products that will improve and facilitate your daily life.