HK-Dtech develops ultra-luminescent markers

HK-Dtech is a young company dedicated to the research and development (R&D) of fluorescent nanomolecules in the field of health and life sciences. Created by experts in chemistry and detection, HK-Dtech aims to become a platform, a pioneer and leader in markers related technical of analysis and imaging. The company’s vision is to improve screening and early detection of diseases to increase treatment success and eliminate side effects for the patients. 

Our goal is to exceed the current technical limits by designing, producing and marketing fluorescent nanomolecules with unique features to improve the detection of various biomarkers in the service of:

  • The scientific research (Research Use Only – RUO)
  • The medical diagnosis (In Vitro Diagnosis – IVD)

NanoBright technology is our patented innovative solution we propose for higher detection sensitivity with user-friendly protocols applied in various molecular and cellular biology techniques. It consists in the development of ultra-performant fluorescent nano-molecules with unique features.

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