We offer Bright-Dtech™ nanoparticles that emits from green to infrared in emission spectrum. Choose the color that will meet your needs then choose the coupling in the next page.

Note: Bright-Dtech™ 545 – Tb (Green) and Bright-Dtech™ 614 – Eu (Red) are the best choices to detect very small amount of antigen.

Bright-Dtech™ 545 – Tb (Green)

Bright-Dtech™ 575 – Dy (Yellow)

Bright-Dtech™ 600 – Sm (Orange)

Bright-Dtech™ 614 – Eu (Red)

Bright-Dtech™ 880 – Nd (Infrared)

Bright-Dtech™ 980 – Yb (Infrared)